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HR4 Delivers Training Analysis,
Design & Delivery Services.


The mitigation of identified hazards through a well-designed and delivered training program is a vital part of an equipment procurement project.

Training that is poorly designed or delivered will not meet the requirements of the learners. It will not provide them with sufficient knowledge or experience to correctly operate the equipment and in some cases, this will put them or others at risk.

Without a well-designed training and assessment process that are cross-referenced to the Safety Case Management Report and supporting Technical Publications it is very difficult to show proof of mitigation of hazards through training and will not meet any legislative requirements during or after the project.




training development that is part of a well-managed process will shadow the development of the Safety Case, providing an auditable, iterative and inclusive process for the identification of Training Objectives.

Grouping these TO’s for delivery to specified learner groups, ensuring that the course content meets the requirements of each group.

By the use of pilot courses, internal and external evaluation the course will be monitored, adjustments identified and implemented.



The tailoring of the delivery of training is vital to the successful delivery of equipment procurement. This may include training of Trials Teams, Surge Training of Operators and Maintainers as the equipment comes into service, through to long term training or train the trainer and the provision of Reusable Training Packs for unit instructors.

Training provision for equipment maintainers

Training provision for equipment maintainers


  • Providing a scoping and needs analysis process that identifies the Training Requirements, provides a cost benefit analysis and a training options analysis


  • Developing reusable training packs for instructor lead training, computer based training or blended training options


  • Supporting the training program with an auditable register of training objectives, enabling objectives and an instructor assessments process


  • Provision of INVAL and EXVAL processes to test and measure course content and delivery against the TNA, TOA, and the agreed training outcomes

TNA Processes