HR4 Delivers Technical Authoring, Technical Publications & Support Documentation Services.


Having current and correct information about an equipment is a vital component to any training package and to the through life operation and support of any equipment.

Operators need to have access to current operating information as incorrect operation of equipment may result in damage, loss of capability or even injury to the operator or third parties.

To rapidly return damaged equipment to an operational condition, maintainers need to know repair procedures and inspection standards, be able to identify components, and to easily order replacement parts through existing supply chains.

The loss of capability through equipment failure will adversely affect the users perception of its worth and will often incur warrantee costs.




Correctly developed publications will meet the needs of each of their target audiences. They will aid with the mitigation of hazards identified in the SCMR.

They will provide a significant training aid during training and once the training is complete will help to reduce Skill Fade.

The each type of publication will present the information in a way that is familiar to their audience and that acceptable to procurement teams in format, language and media.

In addition, information will be filtered to ensure that relevant information for that publication is available but without the inclusion of non-essential information.




HR4 Delivers Technical Authoring, Technical Publications and Support Documentation services by delivering project specific and tailored Commercial Publications, full suit Army Equipment Support Publications, and Quick Reference Guides. These publications:


  • Will combine relevant information from multiple sources and present it in a single agreed format across all the target audiences


  • Be developed through an iterative, auditable and collaborative process with managed stage verification sign-off by project team members
  • Will provide filtered information for each audience, limiting the information for each specified by the customer, but will be cross-referenced against each other where necessary


  • Will provide auditable reference documents that assist in proving mitigation of hazards identified in the SCMR
Brake System Build Book

Brake System Build Book