HR4 Delivers tailored Training Services
& Subject Matter Expert Capabilities to assist NGO & Energy Industry Organisations Worldwide.


The oil and gas industries and many None Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) work in some of the most remote, challenging and difficult environments. Areas where the day-to-day routine activities such as driving, commuting, or just living are difficult and dangerous.

The provision of training to give personnel the requisite skills to live and work in such areas is vital in meeting an organisations legal Duty of Care. To achieve such training without constantly monitor course design, delivery and content to ensure it meets the current and future needs of the organisation is often difficult to achieve.




HR4 instructors teaching route selection whilst crossing sand seas in West Africa

Training local drivers to meet  international standards

HR4 instructor delivering training to local oil industry personnel

HR4 Instructor and students discussing advanced desert driving techniques

HR4 Instructor and students discussing advanced desert driving techniques


HR4 Delivers specialist training services that allow our clients to outsource these responsibilities and to simply request a training package. For the instructors to deliver the training at a location of the clients choosing with a minimum of supervision and administrative support. Whilst ensuring that the training meets the clients training requirements and provides an auditable process to support HSE and legislative requirements.

HR4 Delivered desert driver training for a client in Algeria, to enable all their staff to safely operate vehicles in a hostile and remote area of the Sahara. The course introduced the techniques for safe and competent driving in the local conditions. In addition, it provided more challenging and advanced techniques for those with the responsibility of route selection, control of multi-vehicle groups including recovery techniques.



Delivery of Driver Training:

  • Basic Driver Safety Training
  • Advanced Driver Safety Training
  • Expat Driver
    Familiarization Training
  • Close Protection Team Driver Training
  • Desert and Remote Area Driver Training

Delivery of Fleet Management:

  • Journey Management Planning
    and Processes
  • Fleet Maintenance planning and provisioning
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems

Delivery of Personnel Training:

  • Hostile Environment Training
  • Situational Awareness Training